Welcome to the UB Chair on Innovation in Precision Oncology

The UB Chair, promoted by its director, Dr. Aleix Prat, created with the aim of revolutionising the implementation of precision medicine in oncology to boost innovation in teaching and promote excellence in research.

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Precision medicine focuses on adapting treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient.

In oncology, the implementation of precision medicine involves decisions relating to the diagnosis, treatment and performance of clinical trials and translational research, based on the patient’s genomic and molecular characteristics.

For the oncologist, it is increasingly necessary to have greater knowledge of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, clinical and translational research and new targeted therapies.

Therefore, the UB Chair’s purpose is to meet these needs and to prepare current and future oncologists to use precision medicine which can improve the quality of life and prognosis of patients with cancer.


  • Create academic programmes (specialisation courses, postgraduate and Master's courses), specific to precision oncology.
  • Boost scientific knowledge through seminars and conferences in areas of innovation in precision oncology.
  • Encourage debate in areas related to health politics, legislation and regulatory, ethical and economic aspects of precision medicine in oncology.


  • Develop an international network of teachers-centres of excellence in precision oncology.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge between centres and professionals:
    • Promote, supervise and connect oncologists carrying out pre and postdoctoral visits at leading national and international centres.
    • Create a national and international visiting professors program.
  • Create a PhD for Oncologists in translational research which ends with a 3-year doctorate at the UB.
  • Facilitate access to the investigations carried out through publications and other communication actions


The UB Chair has been created by the University of Barcelona in collaboration with Roche and Novartis and is attached to the Faculty of Medicine. Pfizer and MSD have subsequently joined the list of partners.